Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Follow-up - chelsea managerial search

Chelsea close in on Hiddink

So, it was one of my nominees that chelsea has choosen. Chelsea hope to conclude the deal by saturday. Of course, the relations between Hiddink and Abramovich has a major role to play in it. The former confirmed that he will take on the job temporarily until the end of the season, and that there is no way he is leaving the Russia job. It should be noted that Russia play 2 world cup qualifiers match during this period.

My next prediction is: if chelsea are successful under Hiddink, Abramovich will do all he could, money-wise or relation-wise, to convince Hiddink to stay. Otherwise, the next clear target is Frank Rijkard - the latter had stated that he wont take any job until the start of next season, so this coincides a bit.

Afterall, i think this was all planned by Abramovich: he always wanted Hiddink to coach chelsea and was also aware that the latter is more interested in Russia. so why not bring him on temporarily - this will make Abramovich dream come true! Although for the sake of! lol. And then, at the end of the season, he catches Rijkaard - who is a champions league winner - the main cup chelsea is running after!

let us see where all this brings us to. It is always difficult to start midway and work with the team. Hiddink experience might come into play.. but let us wait and watch how it unveils.. until then keep tuned!