Friday, March 20, 2009

Champions League Draw


Villarreal v Arsenal
Manchester United v Porto
Liverpool v Chelsea
Barcelona v Bayern Munich

The first legs will be played on 7/8 April with the second legs on 14/15 April.


Manchester United or Porto v Villarreal or Arsenal
Barcelona v Bayern Munich or Liverpool v Chelsea

The first legs will be played on 28/29 April with the second legs on 5/6 May.

This is a big cheer to the manchester united's fans and Arsenal's fans! manutd and arsenal got the weaker teams and are favorites to go ahead this round, BUT manutd and arsenal will meet in the semi-final should they win!

Meanwhile on the other hand, liverpool got chelsea for the fifth successive year in this tournament.. lol.. good for them! scousers! the other tie which is equally breath taking is the barcelona and bayern munich tie.. both are in form and are among the strongest.

if liverpool were to win against chelsea, they will fall into the hands of barcelona or bayern munich.. whahaha.. and if they were to past this stage too (which they probably wont) .. we will get our revenge match in the Final!!!

guess how will it feel to get revenge of the 4-1 defeat in the final of champions league.. whooohoooooo

bring it on..


Hamburg v Manchester City
Paris St Germain v Dynamo Kiev
Shakhtar Donetsk v Marseille
Werder Bremen v Udinese

The first legs will be played on 9 April with the returns on 16 April.


Werder Bremen/Udinese v Hamburg/Manchester City
Paris St Germain/Dynamo Kiev v Shakhtar Donetsk/Marseille

The first legs will be played on April 30 with the returns on May 7.

It is interesting to see manchester city, which is so out of form, been to this stage where the other english teams failed to make it despite the others seemed much stronger..

Manchester United 1 - 4 Liverpool

What could have happened?
while the run of 4 goals from liverpool during this match and during the Real Madrid match leaves something to ponder about, these 2 giants were mercilessly raped. Real madrid is a team out of form, but what happened to manchester united ??

Manutd were out of form totally and were not in the mood to play. Ronaldo had a quiet match, not able to move further the little space allocated by the liverpool defenders. Rooney was too much in a rage to be able to concentrate. tevez hopelessly tried what he could in vain. park did a few moves but nothing much really. carrick was like in a garden. anderson was there sometimes and lost the other times. oshea inexistant. ferdinand, not his best. evra gave the penalty. vidic i think needed 3week holiday, and he got it. he had originally missed it with torres, but got it with gerrard. van der sar? lol. let two goals just like that.. and ferguson? poor tactical change with all 3 at once with giggs, berbatov and scholes in for anderson, park and carrick..

well, you know the reason for this performance? They sold the match to cover the cost of 30million berbatov. this was an agreement made between each other so that manutd let liverpool win. moreover, none of us could predict a 4-1 liverpool win correctly, and hence the bookmakers made a fortune. this fortune partly paid the cost of berbatov and manutd were much more at a profit!

manutd is sure to bounce back stronger in the next matches, while i bet that liverpool might lose or draw their next match!!

Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war!

Your reaction..?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Manchester United vs Liverpool Showdown

Top-of-the-table Manchester United host Liverpool on Saturday in what has been billed by many as a Barclays Premier League title decider. (source: BBC Football)

Sir Alex Ferguson's United have a seven-point lead over the Reds and Chelsea, and victory would all but give them an 11th league title under the Scot.

Liverpool are seeking their first league crown in 19 years but a post-Christmas slump saw then lose ground. Nevertheless, victory would give their fans hope.

Liverpool's great Ian Rush and United's legend Peter Schmeichel views on the two heavyweights follows:

Rush on the Torres factor

Fernando Torres is quick, can shoot with both feet and is good in the air: in short, he's the complete striker.

The best thing about him is his strong mental attitude. We know foreign players have got great technique, but the fans demand a toughness and he has that in abundance.

Torres is the type of player Liverpool have been after for many years. The fans have taken him to their hearts and he's like a breath of fresh air for them.

Rush on Gerrard and the Reds midfield

Steven Gerrard reminds me of Graeme Souness. He's a great leader and lifts everyone around him.

Like Souness, Gerrard also has a great shot and can guarantee 15 to 20 goals a year.

His fellow midfielders are pretty useful too. Benitez can count on Javier Mascherano to sit deep and Xabi Alonso has started to play well again.

I was also impressed with Ryan Babel playing on the left against Real Madrid on Tuesday.

Rush on Man Utd's attack

Where do you start? They've got Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov...

But I'm singling out Carlos Tevez. He doesn't play regularly but when he does, his work-rate is incredible.

Tevez is a great example to youngsters who sulk when they don't play every week.

They should look at Tevez, who always puts 100% into his performance and is always likely to come up with a goal.

Schmeichel on Edwin van der Sar

Edwin van der Sar is one of the best signings Sir Alex Ferguson has made.

It took him a while to sign that kind of keeper. On the way there were guys who created problems, not solved them.

The way United play, you need a strong defence. You need a keeper who can play outside the box and read the game well.

Van der Sar is committed when he comes out and very strong in the air. He does all the nitty gritty but to a high level.

Schmeichel on United's centre-backs

United's defence has evolved into the best in the world and the key was the signing of Nemanja Vidic. He's become the most important player in the side.

Vidic has shown his centre-back partner Rio Ferdinand the value of just clearing the ball away when under pressure and has given everyone so much confidence to play further up the pitch.

And the youngster Jonny Evans has come in for Vidic or Ferdinand at times and done a brilliant job.

Schmeichel on the Liverpool defence

Liverpool do not have the luxury of picking from a big pool of top players but Rafa Benitez has put his trust in Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel at centre-back and it's a partnership that has worked well.

I'm a big fan of goalkeeper Pepe Reina. He's been one of Benitez's best signings and his distribution is second to none.

The defence were impressive against Real Madrid, but that was partly down to the team display. United will provide a stiffer test.

Schmeichel's verdict

It's a very important game, but not one we have to win to clinch the league.

If we lose on Saturday, then it won't make make a big difference to our chances. I know a setback won't damage confidence.

Liverpool will have been thinking United have been playing very well but Ferguson said he was disappointed after beating Inter Milan.

He's told his players that he will not accept giving the opposition so many chances - this match is important to him.

Rush's verdict

It's a game Liverpool can't afford to lose.

It's vital we can get something out of the game, which would also give Chelsea the belief that they can catch United. We beat them 2-1 at Anfield and the team have to believe they can do it again.

United have it easy at the moment because they hold a decent lead - they can get back on track even if they lose.

It's important Liverpool try to do something to stop them winning the league.

Your verdict? Leave a comment below..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Table Foot Game - Foosball!

Table football game. Play through the playoff through to the final.. how good are you to win it?

Foosball Game taken from Match hotels website

7 Reasons Why Americans Suck At Football (they call it soccer as they suck.. like sucker! lol)

You Suck. Big Time.

The world’s greatest nation is surprisingly mediocre when it comes to playing the world’s most popular sport. It’s not that they keep losing - far from it. Americans have a winning mentality that automatically ensures that whatever team they put out will be competitive.

However, when it comes to genuine footballing talent, the US are found wanting. Many people have blamed this in poor infrastructure, training methods and the short period of time that proper club football has been around in the US. I disagree - these might be symptoms of a country that doesn’t generate footballing talent but when you consider the sporting talent in general that the US has produced over the years it’s clear that there’s something else at hand here.

Personally, I put it down as a cultural issue - Americans by and large just don’t care about football. Sure, there are fans here and there, but compared to a nation like Spain or Italy, the US as a people do not value soccer, they don’t respect the game and there’s very little cultural love for it.

So here are 7 cultural reasons why Americans have no real talent for soccer:

1. No Hands

The most popular American sports - basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, golf - primarily involve the use of hands / upper body to compete in. In fact, you could argue that feet are only for mobility (only American football allows for kicking, and that too is best done long-range).

Now if you drop a sport like soccer - all feet, some head and no hands - it’s like asking someone to walk on their hands instead of their feet. It’s not easy to switch around to compeletely different way of playing a sport.

This is the primary reason why when you see the MLS, the terms ‘long-ball’ and ‘headless chicken’ come to mind.

2. Ridiculous Name

Soccer? Seriously? The biggest obstacle to soccer’s popularity in the US may well be its name. You can’t have two sports by the same name, unless you want to see Eddie Johnson pick up the ball and then do his customary dash up the pitch and then look around all confused as opposition defenders pile up on him.

Soccer. Sawker. I feel dumber just saying it. It’s called football, and unless the American people learn to call it by it’s real name (come to think of it, Australians have their Austrian Rules footy and they still call the beautiful game football), it’s not going to be successful.

3. No Breaks

Who in the world thought of a 90-minute game that only took one break, and that too after 45 minutes? The American public is used to a quick break every 5 minutes, if not sooner. Basketball has its quarters. Baseball has its regular breaks with batters coming in and going out. American football is a stop-start game. In golf you hit a ball a couple of hundred yards and then you walk towards it (the game is a candidate for the most retarded sport ever award).

On the other hand, soccer has a natural ebb and flow to it that no American sport can match.

Americans have been bred on small, easily digestible segments of everything - sport, news, knowledge, etc. It’s a cultural effort to make low concentration levels a standard across the country. It’s also why the typical American watching soccer feels the inevitable urge to flip to another channel and watch commercials every 5 minutes.

This is why you see US goalkeepers do so well - they thrive in the stop-start nature of a goalie’s involvement in the game.

4. They Hate It

They didn’t create it, and they’re not very good at it. Either one would have been enough to foster some passion for the sport, but since there are so many countries in the world that are better than the US at soccer, the American people have little interest.

And it makes sense too - why follow something in which your side keeps losing? After being subjected to a lifetime of doctored news and world views, this sudden brush with reality is overwhelming for the average American psyche and they do what any American would do when faced with something they don’t know - they turn their back to it.

Ironically this disdain for soccer makes it more difficult for the sport to take off in the country - a vicious cycle.

5. No One Likes The Americans

Usually, when there’s someone in your family who’s not as good at a sport as you are, you tend to try and help them out so that they can get better and (hopefully) provide more of a challenge to you later on.

At least that’s what I’ve seen.

With the US though, the rest of the world isn’t so kind. They are like Americunts. LOL. We’ve made it acceptable to make fun of US soccer instead of going there and investing in the sport in America. We’ve made it acceptable to mock them instead of training them and coaching them.

That’s why when someone like David Beckham - an excellent businessman - goes to the US to invest in soccer, the world laughs at him. Would you laugh at Bill Gates if he invested in a new technology startup? People would scramble to get involved. The world doesn’t take Americans seriously, and soccer is worse off as a result.

6. It’s Illegal To Cheat

Did you know that American sports in general do not follow WADA rules? That the use of performance-enhancing drugs is not strictly regulated in US sports? The World Anti-Doping Agency has strict regulations that almost all sports adhere to, especially soccer with it’s spot drug testing and what not. American sports, on the other hand, play by their own rules, which is a nice way to say that American sports feature more drug abuse than more global sports.

In some cases, having a global authority making sure that you follow certain standards is a good thing.

But hey, what’s the point of playing a sport when you can’t pump yourself with drugs to make you faster / stronger? If you can’t cheat, why play?

7. No Cheerleaders

In all honesty this is where I agree with the Americans. Soccer needs cheerleaders like one need a glass of cold water on a hot day. Cheerleaders can stop hooliganism, provide suitable pitch-side (or on-TV) distractions when the game itself gets a little tedious and once you give each club their own cheerleading squad, there’s a whole new set of rivalries to play upon for the advertisers.

Plus if there’s no porn, how can a genuine American sports fan enjoy the game? Without cheerleaders soccer just isn’t manly enough. It’s blasphemous.

So there you have it - 7 reasons why American society is setup to undermine the soccer’s success in the US. Let us know what you think in the comments .

Friday, March 6, 2009

FA cup six-round - Highlights

Arsenal 3 - 0 Burnley

Goal 1-0:

Goal 2-0:

Goal 3-0:

Everton 2 - 1 Middlesbrough

Goal 0-1:

Goal 1-1:

Goal 2-1:

Coventry 0 -2 Chelsea
GOAL 0-1:

GOAL 0-2:

Coventry City boss Chris Coleman:
"This was the biggest game for the club at this new stadium, but we need to move on.

"It is going to be difficult against Bristol City [In the Championship] on Tuesday, but we've got to get back on it. We will have to get back to reality."

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink:
"Didier is dangerous. He is working very hard and he is good for the team.

"There are still some little things that he needs to improve on, but he is working on them in sessions outside of training which he likes."

Fulham 0 - 4 Manchester United

GOAL 0-1:

GOAL 0-2:

GOAL 0-3:

GOAL 0-4:

This is a glimpse of Manchester United dream season in pictures.

Manchester United players celebrate winning the Carling Cup last Sunday having defeated Tottenham 4-1 on penalties after the match ended goalless after 120 minutes. It was their second trophy of the season.
Its just the beginning.. keep watching what unfolds next!

Man Utd bought Dimitar Berbatov (centre) from Tottenham for £30.75m in a cliffhanger end to the summer transfer window. Here their new star player is muscled off the ball by Liverpool defenders Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel in a rare defeat at Anfield.
Manchester United's players are so strong that they need 2 defenders from liverpool to take the ball off.

Sir Alex Ferguson gives the match officials the 'hairdryer' treatment after Manchester United's 4-3 home victory over Hull. The Premier League new-boys had given United a scare by threatening to come back from 4-1 down to at least salvage a point.
The hairdryer treatment is the last thing you would want from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Carlos Tevez scored four times against Blackburn in the Carling Cup quarter-final in December, but still found himself relegated to the bench the following game as Sir Alex Ferguson rotated his squad of talents.
Such athleticism with the ball that you could be wondering you are watching a matrix movie. The defender is wondering 'oh how do i get the ball off him' lol.

Manchester United won the Fifa Club World Cup in Japan by beating LDU Quito of Ecuador 1-0 in the final. United beat Japan's Gamba Osaka 5-3 on the way to picking up their first piece of silverware of the season.
England players with the likes of lampard will always make England suck in the international stage. Therefore, Manchester United have to do what England cannot do. Afterall we represent England. Manchester United won the Club WORLD CUP. whoooohoooo!

United brushed off the challenge of title rivals Chelsea with a 3-0 win in early January as they closed in on Liverpool at the top of the table. The emphatic result, with goals from Nemanja Vidic, Rooney and Berbatov, increased the pressure on Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari – who was fired the following month.
Ronaldo's trickery got ballack on his bollocks. Joe Cole has his mouth open wondering "oh how did he do that? f**k, we got pwnd again!" lmao

Roque Santa Cruz of Blackburn became the first person to score against United in the Premier League since Arsenal's Samir Nasri in early November. The goal failed to stop United's Premier League push, as goals from Rooney and a Ronaldo free kick handed them the win and moved them eight points clear at the top of the table.
Santa Cruz has always been Manutd's nightmare, and once again he was deadly. Poor defending from Ferdinand and bad goalkeeping reflex to be blamed! But it happens. Everyone is entitled to at least one-in-a-million error. hah!

Young goalkeeper Ben Foster was the hero of the Carling Cup triumph, saving Jamie O'Hara's spot kick in the shoot-out. Foster has been groomed as a long-term replacement for first choice keeper Edwin van der Sar.
I know you have been waiting for this picture. A superb diving save of Jamie's penalty. It shows the pool of talents the Manchester United squad have.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

FA cup six-round

source: BBC Sports

Coventry v Chelsea

FA Cup sixth-round
Venue: Ricoh Arena Date: Saturday, 7 March Kick-off: 1230 GMT

Coventry's highly-rated left-back Dan Fox is set to miss the game after suffering a knee injury.

Striker Leon Best hopes to recover from a throat infection in time to partner Clinton Morrison, who is expected to shake off a knock.

Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho has shaken off a hamstring problem, and Michael Essien returns after six months out with knee ligament damage.

But Nicolas Anelka (toe) and Paulo Ferreira (knee) are sidelined.

Coventry (from): Westwood, Dann, Turner, Wright, Gunnarsson, Doyle, Henderson, Eastwood, Simpson, Best, Osbourne, Beuzelin, Morrison, Marshall, Ward, Hall, Thornton, Cain.

Chelsea (from): Cech, Hilario, Taylor, Essien, Carvalho, Bosingwa, Alex, Terry, Mancienne, Ivanovic, A Cole, Belletti, Stoch, Lampard, Obi, Ballack, Kalou, Drogba, Malouda, Di Santo.


Chris Coleman's Coventry City have the onerous task of beating four times winners Chelsea, if they are to reach the semi-finals for the first time since winning the FA Cup in 1987.

The Sky Blues dumped Premier League Blackburn out of the Cup in a fifth round replay, and must now try and emulate fellow Championship side Barnsley, who ended the Londoners interest in this competition at this same stage last year.

Chelsea, who've returned to second spot in the Premier League, seven points behind Manchester United and have a Champions League trip to Juventus on Tuesday, face lower league opposition for the fourth consecutive time in this cup run.

Chelsea are hoping to reach the semi-finals for the 18th time; Coventry for only the second.

The Sky Blues have scored six goals on this cup run, courtesy of five different scorers. Only Leon Best has scored twice. The West Midland club have kept clean sheets in three of their four matches.

Chelsea have netted 11 times in the current cup run, and conceded once in each of the four matches. Nicolas Anelka has four goals including a hat-trick against Watford in the last round. There's been three for Michael Ballack and two a piece for Salomon Kalou and Frank Lampard.

The League ladder

Coventry are 31 places lower than Chelsea in the league standings.


Steve Bennett (Kent)

Replay date

Wednesday, 18 March - Kick Off: 1945


Current form

Wednesday's 1-2 home defeat to Sheffield United ended a six-game undefeated sequence of four wins and two draws (all competitions).

Recent FA Cup performance

Playing in the sixth round for the first time in 11 years.

There was nothing to choose between then Premier League Coventry and First Division (second tier) Sheffield United in their last quarter-final in the 1997-98 season. The sides could not be separated after three and half hours, and the Yorkshire club went through 3-1 on penalties, but then lost in the semi-finals to Newcastle.

The Manager

Chris Coleman has faced Chelsea 10 times as a manager and won just once; Fulham prevailing 1-0 at Craven Cottage in the Premier League on 19 March 2006.

Coleman was denied a place in the Fulham team that played Manchester United in the third round of the FA Cup in January 2001. The tie came just days after the Wales international defender broke his leg in a car crash - an injury that effectively ended his playing career.

FA Cup fact

Became the 41st of 42 clubs to have lifted the silverware when beating Tottenham in the 1987 final.


Current form

Won the last five and three in a row on the road (all competitions).

100% under Guus Hiddink; won four of four.

Recent FA Cup performance

Qualified for the last eight for the fourth season in a row; bidding to reach the semi-finals for the third time in four years.

The Manager

Although Hiddink had arrived at Stamford Bridge, Ray Wilkins oversaw the 1-3 fifth round victory against Watford at Vicarage Road.

Hiddick won Holland's equivalent of the FA Cup, the KNVB Cup, four times as coach of PSV Eindhoven.

FA Cup fact

Last season's quarter-final exit at the hands of Barnsley was their first FA Cup humbling by a lower league club since Millwall defeated them on penalties in 1995.


All competitions

Chelsea are unbeaten in their last six games against Coventry.

The Londoners won three and drew two of five Premier League matches against them, then knocked the Sky Blues out of the Worthington League Cup, 0-2 in a third round tie at Highfield Road on 9 October 2001 in their most recent clash.

The League Cup loss was Coventry's first defeat in nine home games with Chelsea, but their most recent home victory was 2-1 on 15 August 1998, in the Premier League.

FA Cup

These clubs are meeting for the first time in this competition.

Fulham v Man Utd
FA Cup sixth-round
Venue: Craven Cottage Date: Saturday, 7 March Kick-off: 1715 GMT

Fulham defender Chris Baird is still out after sustaining a leg injury in the match at Arsenal last week.

Andy Johnson and Bobby Zamora should start up front but Diomansy Kamara is pushing hard after building up his match fitness in recent weeks.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has no fresh injury concerns ahead of the game at Craven Cottage.

Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar is expected to give way to either Ben Foster or Tomasz Kuszczak.

Fulham (from): Schwarzer, Pantsil, Stoor, Hangeland, Hughes, Konchesky, Davies, Etuhu, Dacourt, Murphy, Gera, Dempsey, Johnson, Zamora, Zuberbuhler, Kallio, Nevland, Kamara, Gray, Barnes.

Man Utd (from): Van der Sar, Foster, Kuszczak, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans, Evra, Ronaldo, Carrick, Scholes, Gibson, Fletcher, Park, Giggs, Anderson, Nani, Rooney, Berbatov, Tevez, Welbeck.


Manchester United continue their quest for a unique quadruple of Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and Carling Cup and six pieces of silverware from the one campaign, having already bagged the Community Shield, League Cup and World Club Championship.

Fulham have never won the FA Cup; Manchester United have lifted the trophy a record 11 times.

The Cottagers' sixth and most recent appearance in the semi-finals was in 2002, when they were beaten by Chelsea. They last appeared in the quarter-finals five years ago and, ironically, it was Manchester United who eliminated them.

The Red Devils are aiming for a record 26th appearance in the last four.

Fulham, who've been drawn at home for the first and only time in this Cup run, have scored nine goals so far on the road to Wembley, a third of them by Andrew Johnson.

United have also netted nine goals on their "march to the arch", with Danny Welbeck, Nani and Darron Gibson helping themselves to two each.

The League ladder

Fulham are nine places lower than Manchester United in the Premier League table.


Mike Dean (Wirral)

Replay date

Tuesday 17 or Wednesday 18 March - Kick Off: 2000 hours


Current form

Wednesday's late, late 0-1 home loss to Hull was only their second defeat in eight games (all competitions).

Not scored in two; both Premier League fixtures.

Recent FA Cup performance

Facing Premier League opposition for the first time in this current cup run, and the first occasion since being knocked out at the fifth round stage home to Tottenham in the year before last.

Not ousted a fellow Premier League club since Everton in the fourth round in 2004. It was two rounds later that season when they last faced and lost to Manchester United in this competition.

The Manager

Roy Hodgson has won two domestic cups in his managerial career; he guided Malmo to the Swedish Cup in 1986 and 1989.

FA Cup fact

Fulham were a second tier club when they contested their only FA Cup final in 1975, losing 2-0 to West Ham. The Cottagers' team included Bobby Moore and Alan Mullery, in what was to be the last Wembley appearances for both as professional players, as their long and distinguished England international careers neared their end.


Current form

Undefeated in 14; won 13 and drawn one since losing to Derby in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final at Pride Park on 7 January.

Lost only one of the last 29.

Recent FA Cup performance

Aiming to reach the semi-finals for the fourth tie in six years.

Eventual winners Portsmouth blocked their path at this same quarter-final stage last season.

The Manager

United have won the cup a record five times under Sir Alex Ferguson, who has led out the side for the final on eight occasions.

Sir Alex has won 21 major pieces of silverware since taking charge at Old Trafford in November 1986. He is the most successful British football manager, winning 32 pieces of silverware in all in over 22 years at the helm.

FA Cup fact

Been paired with Premier League opposition in 13 of their last 15 rounds.


All competitions

Manchester United have won their last eight meetings with Fulham, scoring eight goals without reply in the last three - all Premier League games.

The Red Devils are undefeated in 29 league and cup matches against the Cottagers. They have won 24 and drawn five since Fulham's 2-1 top-flight triumph on 5 September 1964 at the Cottage.

FA Cup

This is the eighth time these clubs have been paired together; United have progressed on each of the last six occasions and have only been knocked out by Fulham in a fourth round tie in West London in March 1908.

West Brom 1-3 Arsenal

West Brom manager Tony Mowbray:
"We won't win matches if we defend like we did in the first half.

"The defending has got to improve. I take responsibility for the fact I bought all the players in, but the defenders are not stepping up.

"I am frustrated. We work on it - we don't just wash things away. I have changed the individuals, but the goals are still going in against us."

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger:
"Bendtner is improving from month to month. He will be better every three, six months.

"He has shown tonight he has the talent to be an Arsenal player.

"That is the right way to mature. I liked his presence. I liked his determined attitude and the way he took people on. That shows he has improved."

Portsmouth 0-1 Chelsea

Portsmouth caretaker manager Paul Hart:

"It is definitely a disappointing result but I thought it was a tremendous performance.

"We had a strategy and the boys kept to it. We created chances on the back of that but against the top teams you have to stick them away.

"I think we could have won but two saves by Cech were outstanding. I thought we deserved at least a point.

"There are a lot of disappointed players in the dressing room but they know they put in a performance that merited a little bit more.

"It is how we respond to that now. We have a difficult period of the season to come. We can take heart from the way we played."

Liverpool 2-0 Sunderland

Sunderland manager Ricky Sbragia:

"Jones should have scored - and on any other day, he probably would have done so.

"If we had scored then the game would have been very different. Liverpool would have become anxious and we would have given ourselves something to hang on to.

"Liverpool would have been under pressure. We did okay in the first half - but once they went ahead, it was always going to be difficult.

"We had to gamble by bringing on more strikers. But that gave them space - and once they scored the second, the game was going away from us."

Wigan 0-1 West Ham

Wigan manager Steve Bruce:
"The game was ruined as a spectacle. Carlton Cole shouldn't have been sent off. Referee, use a bit of common sense. It had the makings of a decent game but how he sends someone off in the first half for something as petulant as that I don't know.

"Lucas Neill should have been off the pitch for his tackle, which was horrific. I have no complaints about Cattermole, he was stupid and silly but he was incensed - and he has a good right to be.

"I feel a bit sorry for him because in my opinion Mr Attwell is not ready to step up to the plate."

West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola:
"We have to understand the referee is a human being and can make mistakes. He needs our support. You can have a bad day but we need to support them as they are here to help the game.

"Neither of Carlton Cole's challenges were bad tackles at all. Cattermole's was a bad tackle on Parker, as was Lucas Neill's on Cattermole. Lucas wanted to go for the ball, he caught the man but it was a bad tackle.

"We are very serious about Europe, as we proved today. The players love what they are doing, they're enjoying their football and as a manager I feel lucky."

Tottenham 4-0 Middlesbrough

Spurs manager Harry Redknapp on Aaron Lennon:
"He is in fantastic form, and you felt something would happen every time he got the ball.

"The little fella is flying at the moment. He's learning the game - he's only a kid. He's got all the equipment."

Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate:
"We gave horrendous goals away. We are only able to compete if we are bang at it and we weren't today.

"Spurs are a class act and when you allow them to play, they can tear you apart. We knew it would be hard but we let ourselves down."

Blackburn 0-0 Everton

Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce:
"We should have been well out of it by now but we are not so we just have to hold our nerve.

"We are back in the bottom three but on the positive side we have picked up another valuable point.

"We've only lost two matches in 10 games. The game we have in hand on most of the other teams could be critical."

Everton manager David Moyes:
"Teams are pushing us from behind and our ambition is still to get fourth if we can but of course we will need to play better.

"We are disappointed because we wanted to take three points.

"But teams have no divine right to go to places such as Blackburn and think they can walk all over them."

Stoke 2-0 Bolton

Stoke manager Tony Pulis:

"Players of Beattie's age sometimes need the challenge of proving they can still play in the top flight.

"His goalscoring record is smashing. Not only that, it is what he does around the place as well.

"He is a very good team man; he gets the players together. He has brought something else to the dressing room. He is a larger-than-life character."

"It was hard game, a tight game. Credit to Bolton - they never stop. They make it very difficult. But we deserved it, considering the chances we created."

Bolton manager Gary Megson:

"You won't see a worst one conceded up and down the country, never mind in the Premier League.

"Most of the time when the first goal goes in it completely changes the game.

"I thought we had more possession than ordinarily we do have but we weren't good enough with it. We did not compete with Stoke when they were putting balls into the box.

"We did not have all 11 players performing at the level they are capable of and that has cost us."

Man City 2-0 Aston Villa

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes:
"Our performance was excellent - certainly in the first half when we were technically very good, and we created numerous chances.

"We should maybe have been out of sight after the first half.

"But in the second half we showed another side to us and we were resolute and hard to beat.

"It was probably the best we have played."

Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill:
"We didn't play well enough in the first half. We just did not get to grips with the game early on.

"We came out with determination and we had plenty of the ball in the second half. We were camped around their area but we couldn't break through.

"It is disappointing but we are still in the fight. It has been a bad few days - but that cannot be helped now."

Newcastle 1-2 Manchester United
Fulham 0-1 Hull City

Sunderland 1 - 1 Tottenham

Sunderland manager Ricky Sbragia:
"With 89 minutes players, we felt we had got three points. We had an attacking corner and we should have kept the ball and seen the time out.

"Credit to Tottenham, they put a lot of bodies forward. I thought we had seen that off but defensively we were poor.

"To do we what we did was criminal. We got carried away when we should have finished the game off and won 1-0."

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp:
"It would have been an injustice if we had been beaten today.

"We came away from home and dominated - we were in and around their box but we just could not pick the pass or get in the shot to make the breakthrough.

"In the end it took a good pass and good finish from Robbie Keane. It was important we didn't lose today."

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Fulham V Blackburn 11 Mar 20:00 GMT

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gameweek 27

Everton 2 - 0 West Brom

Everton boss David Moyes:
"It wasn't a comfortable win at all because of the way West Brom played, they passed it very well and created some chances.

"But we were solid at the back, we took our opportunities and people did their jobs well. We didn't play as well as we would have liked, but that can happen.

"Louis Saha's goal was fabulous, but everyone knows about his ability."

West Brom manager Tony Mowbray:
"When you make silly decisions in your own box you do not deserve to get the three points.

"There aren't many teams who ask as many questions as us going forward, but we're not as good as others at the muck and nettles stuff, you might call it.

"There is naivety in our defending, but I enjoyed watching my team play."


Chelsea 2 - 1 Wigan

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink:
"The team reacted well after we conceded. It is always difficult to get into the next game after playing at European level in midweek.

"But Wigan deserve a lot of respect for the way they played. they are hard-working and disciplined and play decent football. They caused us lots of problems.

"They scored the equaliser but the reaction of our team was good in getting the winner in the 90th minute.

"When you are dominating in the first period we like the game killed. But I am happy and satisfied for the win.

"But the way we gave away the control in the second-half is not super-satisfying. I have to be happy but also critical as to where we need to improve."

Wigan boss Steve Bruce:
"I thought we deserved something but we didn't get it unfortunately.

"In my opinion the referee has made a poor decision. He is only 15 yards away from it. Frank has obviously got his hand in Mario's back and he has turned him round as he's gone to head it.

"It is obvious that he has got that one wrong and it has gone against us. That is a big shame because I thought the team deserved to get something from the game.

"We don't seem to get these decisions in big games, on a big stage.

"We need the referee to be strong and not to get influenced. But it seems to happen all the time. We can go to Anfield and Stamford Bridge and it doesn't seem to matter against little Wigan. It is very frustrating and disappointing as you can imagine."


Arsenal 0 - 0 Fulham

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger:
"We had chances to score and so did they, it was an open game. And it finished with a result that we did not want as we have dropped two points.

"We are not scoring goals and the offensive confidence of the team is not high and as a result the players are becoming a little anxious.

"The fans are frustrated and so are we are.

"We have to take the result on the chin and continue to fight."

Fulham manager Roy Hodgson:
"There were times in the game when we played to our full potential - it was as good as it gets from us.

"We were a constant threat and we carved out many opportunities. Arsenal are an offensive side at home and we matched them.

"We were well organised and the shape of our team was good."


Middlesbrough 2 - 0 Liverpool

Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate:
"We have shown in the our last three games with four points from two league games and an FA Cup win how we can play.

"We have had four clean sheets in six games and the confidence is flowing back through the players and the crowd carried us through at the end.

"This win should give the players an unbelievable amount of belief."

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez:
"In the first 30 minutes we had around five chances and we did not take them.

"If before this game it was going to be difficult to win the league then it is clearly now going to be even harder.

"We have to think about Sunderland next before preparing to face Real Madrid in the Champions League."

West Ham 1 - 0 Manchester City

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes:
"We dominated for long periods. They got a breakaway against the run of play and have taken the chance they've created.

"Performance wise it's as good as we've played away from home, and that includes the draw at Liverpool.

"If we concede first teams are prepared to get people behind the ball and we find it difficult to break them down."

West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola:
"They had some chances but we had more and we were in control of the game."

On match-winner Jack Collison: "Jack is unbelievable, he's getting better and better.

"He plays like a veteran and his attitude is good. He's got a bright future. I feel very lucky to have him and not only him, but other players too."

Bolton 1 - 0 Newcastle

Bolton manager Gary Megson:
"From West Brom at the bottom to eighth from top, no-one can say 'we're going to be ok next year'.

"We're in the same boat as we were before Newcastle but it's so tight.

"We are in transition. I've never been at a club where so much is needed at such a short space of time."

Newcastle assistant coach Chris Hughton:
"On the balance of play, on chances, I think we were the better side.

"We just had that lax period early in the second half and they scored.

"We've got to bounce back and there was enough in the performance to say that we can. We'll look forward to the next game and try to get something from it."

Hull 1 - 2 Blackburn

Hull manager Phil Brown:
"It is the biggest test of character of my career, in terms of a manager, and it probably is for the players.

"We have got to try to play above ourselves in the last 11 games, it is as simple as that.

"If we minimise mistakes between now and the end of the season there is a possibility we will be OK but it has to happen now."

Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce:
"We were getting to the stage of must-win football matches, to get three points on the board.

"Today my players, the way they started, weren't really using the ball correctly, but once we got Stephen taking a very good chance, it gave us the confidence to go on.

"We defended tremendously well throughout the game, we dug it out very well."

Aston Villa 2 -2 Stoke City

Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill:
"We were more than disappointed in the dressing room afterwards. In fact, everyone was devastated.

"We were in total control at 2-0 and with five minutes to go you should be able to see a game out.

"It didn't materialise and we have dropped two points. For the first time today I thought there was a degree of over-confidence about us."

Stoke manager Tony Pulis:
"For long periods we were hanging on against a very good Villa side. In the first half we were very poor but that was down to me. We tried to eliminate their wide players but it just didn't work.

"We went back to a normal 4-4-2 and it was better in the second half. When John Carew scored, you think the game is over but we had five great chances in the second half and this is an important point for us.

"Everyone outside Stoke thinks we are the team that will get relegated. But we think we are going to stay up so the pressure is on everyone else."

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