Manchester United 1 - 4 Liverpool

What could have happened?
while the run of 4 goals from liverpool during this match and during the Real Madrid match leaves something to ponder about, these 2 giants were mercilessly raped. Real madrid is a team out of form, but what happened to manchester united ??

Manutd were out of form totally and were not in the mood to play. Ronaldo had a quiet match, not able to move further the little space allocated by the liverpool defenders. Rooney was too much in a rage to be able to concentrate. tevez hopelessly tried what he could in vain. park did a few moves but nothing much really. carrick was like in a garden. anderson was there sometimes and lost the other times. oshea inexistant. ferdinand, not his best. evra gave the penalty. vidic i think needed 3week holiday, and he got it. he had originally missed it with torres, but got it with gerrard. van der sar? lol. let two goals just like that.. and ferguson? poor tactical change with all 3 at once with giggs, berbatov and scholes in for anderson, park and carrick..

well, you know the reason for this performance? They sold the match to cover the cost of 30million berbatov. this was an agreement made between each other so that manutd let liverpool win. moreover, none of us could predict a 4-1 liverpool win correctly, and hence the bookmakers made a fortune. this fortune partly paid the cost of berbatov and manutd were much more at a profit!

manutd is sure to bounce back stronger in the next matches, while i bet that liverpool might lose or draw their next match!!

Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war!

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