Friday, October 22, 2010

The Wayne Rooney Saga

Wayne Rooney has agreed a new 5 year contract to stay at Manchester United until June 2015. So, days of speculation have ended as the lad got some sense in his brain at last. Rooney admitted it had been a difficult week and eventually realised he had too much to lose by leaving.

When you are at such a great club, you don’t realise how great the club is. There is a saying that the grass is always greener the other side. And, as some previous players left in search of greener pastures – and of course virtually end their career – it is of no doubt greed has taken him by the throat. This greed has of course been crafted by his agent. Agent only earns when the player is transferred. So, there goes another victim.

But there is something different about Rooney in this case. He did something that people would not dare speak its name at Old Trafford again. He complained that Manchester United did not give him the assurances about future squad in the sense that the club cannot attract world class players. He doubted the club’s ambitions to bring more silverware to which he has become so accustomed.

Indirectly, he targeted his team mates saying they are not worth enough to be playing with him! He attacked the quality of the squad. He is so stupid that he doesn’t realise that Manchester United doesn’t really attract world class players, but they manufacture the players through the ranks.

There was once in 1995 when the likes of Paul Ince and Mark Hughes was sold by Ferguson. Everyone thought he has gone mad. Then, you saw the likes of Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, Nevilles come through the ranks and engraved the names in the history of the club. So, you don’t dare question the club’s ambition, Rooney!

There have been some extravagant exits at Old Trafford, such as David Beckham and Jaap Stam but this is such an unsophisticated way for a player to depart from a club. He seems totally ignorant.

With the guidance of his agent, he has engineered his move in such a way that everyone would be a winner except Manchester United and the fans. Here is how: He created the media saga about his personal life (rest assured, there is nothing such) and he has barely been playing to his standards. Weren’t you surprised how come Manutd conceded 2 goals in some games? He was deliberately standing there and not really playing. So, with these two problems with Rooney, he thought Manutd would sell him so easily?

The issue is even deep. According to the 1995 Bosman ruling, players over the age of 24 (Rooney celebrates his 25th birthday tomorrow) can move for free at the end of their contracts. So he refused to sign a new contract, meaning he can walk away for nothing when his deal expires in 2012. It would successfully force the club to sell him for less than his real value. The buying club wins, the agent wins, the player thinks he won and of course Manutd and its fans lose!

So you are wondering who was the next destination of Rooney? Guess who lured Gareth Barry when he was mind and soul going to Liverpool to win trophies! Guess who lured the countless stars by promising them the sky! You guessed right. Manchester City! They have massive riches while wanting to make profit as well. Rooney is worth well over 100 million pounds, and what would have been the price of Rooney were he to leave for Man City? Roughly less than 50 million pounds!

He has stabbed the one person who tried to protect him, and he has stabbed the fans as well in the back! Rooney will not only have trouble looking at
Ferguson in the eyes next time, but he will also struggle to meet the gaze of his team mates. You bet the boos will be coming towards him in the next match he plays. How can he play again for Manutd?

No player is bigger than the club, and it was nice to see Rooney didn’t commit same mistake as others did, and that he didn’t end up with more regret.

All is well, that ends well. Rooney stays and is a Manutd player for the next 5 years. I hope Rooney starts to fire up with goals in the next match he plays and helps the club win more trophies. His challenge will be to guide the younger players as well as establish himself as one of Manutd’s great players.

Well, who thinks that Rooney is saturated and he’s past it? He had so much go on that its difficult to see him get back to where he was.