What kind of business is this? is this a sport, or politics? where are human rights? where is freedom of speech? welcome to the dictatorship of modern football.

Voicing out your opinion about a fxcking referee who so clearly sxcks abramovich balls is called improper conduct? anyone who has eyes can see how that ref ATKINSON_ofabitch favoured chelsea. he refrained to send off a chelsea player, and actually sent off a manutd player. he gave a very soft penalty who even a blind person wudnt give. and what more do you need to bloody stick it up to axx.?

AND on top of that he has a record of favouring chelsea.. guess he is chelsea 12th player on the field. i suppose he could have easily just awarded a goal just out like that without anyone touching the ball. it would be a fair cheat rather than stabbing out on the back everytime.
The ban was due to start on 22 March but will now begin immediately, as the Scot requested.

That means Ferguson will be back in the dugout for the Premier League game with title rivals Arsenal in May.The ban will, however, include United's FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City at Wembley on 16 April, as well as the Premier League games against Bolton, West Ham, Fulham and Everton.

Now FA, are you blind? are you mad?
1. you prevent people from talking the truth by imposing ban
2. you favour corruption by encouraging referees to be sold for money.
3. you dont take action against the referee who clearly didnt do his duty

Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri have been banned for one European match by Uefa over remarks made to Champions League referee Massimo Busacca.
Wenger and Nasri were furious with Busacca's for his second-half dismissal of Robin Van Persie, who was shown a second yellow card for shooting at goal a second after the official had blown for offside

Another famous example of shitty business as described above. This ref gave a second yellow card after blowing offside and the player kicked the ball away. the funny thing is there was only 1 second difference between the events. you gotta be kidding nah ref? you forgot to lol'd.

i guess its time to tell FA n UEFA to fxck off and the team create a league of their own to play. we dont need incompetant people out there. well, its time for women to watch football now, coz this is no less than a drama or soap opera.